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Most Creative Energizer Bunny Costume

Ears/tail- with the ears I bought a bunny ear set with ears and tail together. I was only going to use the tail because my friend was suppose to make my ears but at the last min she told me she couldn’t. So I tried to do then my self and it was a complete fail. So now I’m sitting there an hour before I have to be ready on Halloween night trying to figure out what I was gonna do about my ears.

The ears that I bought where white with pink in the middle and I needed them to be pink with white in the middle. I sat there for about 20 minutes think what I could possible do then I remembered that I had some pink frosting decorating spray. I sprayed all the white with it and then hot Glued some white fabric in the middle. They came out perfect!

Batteries- I bought two regular sized Pringle cans and and two Powerades. The Batteries where pretty difficult and time consuming to make. I raped the cans in aluminum tape and then hot glued the tops to the Powerade bottles on the tops of the cans. I then covered the tops with foil and tucked it inside so that u could not see it. for the letters I traced out the logo cut them into individual pieces and traced them onto the cans. After that I painted them. I couldn’t believe how real they looked once they were done. To put them on I used Velcro tape and stuck them to the back of my shirt.

Drum- I went to Joanns fabric and found a regular sized box with a top. I cut around the edges of the top so the box was a perfect circle. Then I painted it all white and traced out the logo just like I did with the battries except it was a little bigger. Once everything was painted and dried I use red electrical tape and put it in a zigzag form around the box and then use blue electrical tape to rap around on both side.

The hardest part about the box was getting the string inside to wear around my neck. I cut four little holes fairly close together (two on each side) and put a blue string through the but because the top of the box was already glued down to the bottom I had to carefully undo half of it and gently stick my hand in so I could pull the string through. Once it was through I glued it back together and measures the string on how I wanted the drum to sit and tied it.

Drum sticks- this was the easiest part of them all. I bought two circular foam balls and painted them red and then I painted two sticks white and hot glued them together.

After everything was completed I was very happy with the turn out  it was worth the 48 hours of no sleep to make. I went to a couple of bars Halloween night and everyone loved my costume. I had a cop on duty tell me it was the best costume he had seen all night.


Most Creative Energizer Bunny Costume

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