Everyone LOVED this Energizer Bunny Costume! It is one of my all time favorites and both easy and cheap to make. The battery pack and drum MADE this costume.

I already had bunny accessories from a previous costume (tail, ears), you can use any set or make your own. I decked myself out in pink yoga gear: tights, shorts and tank- you could wear anything pink as a base. I found cheap blue flip flops at Old Navy and then used a pair of black sunglasses I already owned. Money spent so far = $4.

For the drum I used a medium sized hat box spray painted white. I bought blue, red, silver and black duct tape at a craft store. I found the energizer logo on line and printed a color copy. First I made straps for my drum with the duct tape by creating one long piece folded in half and then wrapped more tape horizontally around (you can find you-tube videos of people making purses out of duct tape, I used a similar strategy). I trimmed the hat box with the blue tape as well and affixed the straps with more blue duct tape.

Then I detailed the side of the drum with small crosses of red duct tape. Finally I glued the logo on both sides. For the drum sticks I used craft foam and affixed them to craft sticks then wrapped the foam with red duct tape. For the battery I used a paper towel roll cut open on one side (to make it larger) stuffed with magazine paper (to hold a cylinder shape). You could also use an oatmeal tube I just didn’t have one. Then I used the silver black and red tape to make the battery. For the logo I used scrap booking letters. Money spent: $30