I wanted to do something that was recognizable, but different.   I was thinking I would be a bunny of some-sort, yet that seemed too ordinary.  The Energizer Bunny, now that was going to be something different.

I bought the standard ear and puffy tail.  For my body part I bought a pink too-too with attached pink leotard, then found pink tights and pink fluffy slippers.   I was going to go for sexy, but opted for fun,  for which I am glad.  The high-light was my battery and drum.  I carefully researched Amazon and had to find a child’s drum that resembled the outer design of the drum.  I then printed out the an Energizer logo, and with the ribbon from a Victoria’s Secret Bag I was able to suspend the drum around my neck. I made the battery from an empty soda bottle which I spray painted silver and attached the Energizer logo.  I then attached it to a childrens backpack which I also spray painted silver.  I found the perfect sunglasses for $2 at Walmart.

And Voila…I brought the Energizer Bunny to life.

The reactions were great.  People loved the drum and the battery.  I have a bit of an energetic personality, so they thought the costume was perfect for me.  It was fun, and it was a great way to   create something  for which I could be really proud.   It was the perfect costume to help me keep going, and going, and…