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Energizer Bunny Costume by the Energizer Granny

I look for any excuse to dress up! I do face painting, zombie makeup, and a variety of other art projects. My daughter’s friend who was watching me last Halloween, said, “Your mom is like the Energizer Bunny, Hey! that’s what she should be next year” So I did! People have been telling me to sell my art all my life, so this year, I have decided to go for it!

My Supplies: I have never had much money, which encourages resourcefulness. I found a pink snuggy, and a white robe at the good will. I picked a yard of pink material at the store comparable to the snuggy. The rest of the materials, I found around my house, including painting tape, glue gun, wire, cereal box, card board, foam board, paint, sharpies, paper, modge podge, drum sticks, vet wrap, nylon strap, black stocking, pillow stuffing, yarn, and a baseball cap.

I formed my head piece with a rice crispy cereal box, and hot glue. I formed my ears with fencing wire, then glued pillow stuffing to them, and finished them by wrapping them with the pink material, and some of the white robe. I then glued pink material to mask. I formed glasses out of foam board, cut peep holes, and covered with black stocking, then painted black, and finished with modge podge. I then glued them to the mask. I cut the bill off of the cap. I then put the wire through the vent holes in the cap, and reinforced it with card board. I then glued the cap to the mask.

For the body, I cut up the middle of the snuggy, and sewed my legs, feet, toes, and I sewed a zipper in the back. I glued velcro to hold the neck piece together. I made a tail out of yarn, and glued it on. I needed a pocket, and the battery was the perfect choice. I found a piece of sturdy black material, sewed it into a pocket, glued in a velcro closure, and painted it like the battery.

For the drum, I cut two cardboard circles, then cut rectangular strips, and formed it into a drum, and hot glued it. I glued paper on it, then used sharpies to color the design on it. I used blue painting tape around the brim. Tie wire was threaded through the drum with loops on the end, and attached to the nylon strap.

For the sticks I used drum sticks with belting from the robe around the ends, then wrapped with red vet wrap.

Due to the day Halloween fell on, unbeknownst to me, they bumped up the costume contest. I was racing to get my costume done for three days, up till 9pm the evening of the contest. I WON first prize which was $100! This paid my phone bill. When I went out to my car, it would not let me in, the bouncer gave my a ride home.

On Halloween, I went to the carnival, and then went trick or treating with the grandkids. We had so many photo requests that the grandkids said, “We’re Famous”   I work with kids, so of course we stopped and visited one of my old students who has cerebral palsy. He was very happy to see us. Next year I plan to dress up his wheel chair like we did for prom.

Energizer Bunny Costume by the Energizer Granny

Energizer Bunny Costume by the Energizer Granny

Energizer Bunny Costume by the Energizer Granny

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