Easy Energizer Bunny Costume!

Just keep going, going, going!

This Energizer Bunny costume was a total hit this year at a Halloween party and was pretty easy to make!

I had the shirt, shorts, tights, and flip flops already. I bought a bunny accessory kit for the ears and tail. All that was left was the drum and the battery pack.

The drum is actually a Christmas storage box I found at Hobby Lobby. I spray painted it white (2 layers to cover all the Christmas dots), and then printed off two ‘Energizer’ logos to glue to both sides of the drum. For the red lines and the outer blue rim, I used colored duct tape (1 roll of each color was more than enough). I made the straps out of layered duct tape (again, same roll of blue).

For the drumsticks, I used some of my red duct tape to cover foam balls. I attached those foam balls to wood sticks (if you’re going to a Halloween party with a band like I did, the band will love that you can play back-up drummer!).

For the battery pack, I took an empty oatmeal container and spray-painted it black. I used red duct tape (same roll as before) to make the center line. I then used silver duct tape for the lines under the red slash. I bought white scrap-booking letters at the craft store to use for the ‘Energizer’ on the battery pack. To make the positive end of the battery, I used an empty tuna can (one of the small ones), and covered it in silver duct tape. I then taped the can onto the oatmeal container lid. I thought it would be a great idea to ‘store’ my wallet and phone in my battery, but I would strongly recommend just going ahead and taping the lid shut. My lid kept falling off all night and it was just a pain.

To attach the battery, I used three pieces of ribbon to connect the back of my drum straps to the lid of very top of the oatmeal container (not to the lid!). I secured the ribbon on both ends with more tape (I used black electrical tape for the battery part and more blue tape for the drum strap). I used three different strips in close proximity to each other to ensure that the battery pack didn’t twist around when I was walking.

By attaching the battery to the straps of the drum, it made it way more convenient for me to be able to sit down/use the restroom because I could just take off the entire piece as one whole item.

Again, this was a total hit with my friends (And even people I didn’t know!!).

Easy Energizer Bunny Costume!

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