Every year I try to make a fun creative costume. Being a college student you want to stick out and have something different yet sexy at the same time! So this year I chose Energizer bunny! I saw one on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea so I recreated it and put my own spin on it!

I made a trip to Michaels craft store and purchased a wooden rod, two paper balls, and a medium sized cardboard hatbox. Along with these items I also bought red, yellow, black, and white acrylic paint. Also I got red and blue painters tape, and dark blue duct tape. I also purchased black fish nets from Nordstrom Rack and a pink leotard from Dancewear Solutions. I bought the bunny tail and ears from a costume store.  I also wore black sunglasses and black heels that I already had. I attached the batteries and the bunt tail with Velcro.

Mallets-I began with painting everything, I painted the balls red and the rod white, I sawed the rod down to size and attached the balls to the rod by drilling a hole and securing it with glue.

Drum– I cut the round circle from the lid of the cardboard hatbox with a knife and attached it to the cylinder with glue. Then I painted the cardboard hatbox with white paint.  Next I expanded the logo in Photoshop and printed it out and traced it on the box with a pencil. After tracing the logo I painted the black background and then painted the red and yellow striped under the logo. I repeated these steps for the other side of the drum. After the paint dried I wrapped the sides with red painters tape in a zigzag form. After I completed that I wrapped the entire cylinder with the dark blue duct tape on both edges. When I wore the costume I attached it to myself with the blue painters tape. I wrapped it around the entire drum and then around my neck. I had to tape it quite a few times to get it nice and sturdy.

Batteries-I used two Pringles cans for the batteries, which I wrapped in aluminum tape. I also transferred the logo and painted it onto the cans (this surface was much more difficult and time consuming.) For the top of the batteries I attached a Gatorade top to the lid of the can and covered it with aluminum foil and glued it down. I was very pleased with the way the batteries turned out I thought they looked really realistic!

I received an overwhelming amount of compliments with this costume! Everyone loved it! I won first place at a costume contest and won $100! I had a fun time making it although it took some time it was definitely worth it! Overall an awesome experience! So glad I went with the Energizer bunny costume :)