I originally decided to make a homemade costume this year because I’m still too small to fit in a lot of the women’s costumes at Halloween stores. I got very disappointed at first but, decided I would do something homemade again. I immediately got home and Googled homemade costumes and happened to come across this site. I got extremely inspired when I saw all the other amazing Energizer bunny costumes people had done.  I wasn’t sure how to pull it off but I ended up winning best overall female costume at a really big dance in L.A.

For the outfit I just went to my local mall and found a couple different pink items. When I got home I switched them around until I found a good combination. I ended up wearing pink jeggings and a half tank top. I found the blue flip flops at Old Navy. The sunglasses I already had on hand. I picked up a bunny kit from a local Halloween store.

I then made a trip to Hobby Lobby and a hat box, and duct tape (silver, red, blue, and black) for the drum. I painted the box white before ductaping it closed and making the criss cross design on the front. I then printed out the logo online and made a ductape strap.

I just got a pack of wooden craft sticks and a  pack of teardrop Styrofoam for the drumsticks. After gluing the Styrofoam on the sticks I used red ductape to add color and secure it more.

For the battery I used an empty oatmeal container and lid. I used a picture online of an energizer battery for a guideline. First I ductaped it, and then put regular white scrap booking letters from Hobby Lobby down the side for energize and across for AA+. To secure it  I really didn’t want to have more ductape straps (which is why I chose to wear the half top.) Somehow my sister helped tape it through my shirt securely and across my back in a way that no one could see.

It took me a couple days to completely make the costume but it was definitely worth it.