We purchased a Chewbacca costume for the deer. I bought the chest fur from a fabric store to cover the front side of the deer and I also used it for a tail which I sewed on my hubby’s backside. My husband acquired the deer antlers from his dad’s collection and mounted them to a brown ball cap with zip ties and then wore it under the hood of the deer suit. I stitched Velcro strips to the front of my dress to mount the tap lights on. I used silver duct tape to wrap the sides of the tap lights to look like headlights and used the same tape for my road strips down the front of the dress.

On my backside, we stuck adhesive backed reflectors for taillights. Lastly, we found the deer crossing sign on Amazon and my husband mounted it to a handle. We used a lot of things we already had and spent about $35 on the rest of the pieces.

This costume was a huge hit absolutely everywhere we went and so much fun to do! We were stopped all night long and people couldn’t resist “tapping my lights” all night! We went out two nights in a row and entered costume contest. First night we took home two trophies for Best Duo/Couple and Best Overall.

The second night, we moved through to the finals of a contest, taking runner up. (In fact, we had so many people come up afterwards telling us that they couldn’t believe we hadn’t won!)

The best part about this whole process was that my husband (we’re newlyweds) had never been to a Halloween Party or dressed up in a costume! I have always loved Halloween and dressing up but this was way out of his comfort zone. He was an absoloute sport about all of it and in the end, was really excited that his first time dressing up, we took home the Gold!