Easy Elliott and ET Costume

To create this Elliot and ET costume, I wore my husband’s red hoodie with one of my red shirts over it to cover up the logo. Then I grabbed a crate I had at home and a belt to secure it around my waist (I looped it through the crate). I grabbed an image of ET online (a mask), blew it up and made a color copy of it.

I bought a black blow up cat and two red LED light up bracelets from the Dollar Store. I blew up the cat and tucked it’s legs and tail in and taped it together with black electrical tape. I then taped the pic of ET to the  side of the cat to give it shape.

I took two big towels from home and made them into a ball and stacked them on top of each other in the crate. Then I put the cat (ET’s head) on top of the towels and wrapped them all up in a white sheet. I took the LED bracelets and put them on a pulse setting and put them under one layer of the sheet right about where ET’s heart would be. I added handle bars that my brother had laying in his garage (there were no handles on them so I taped the black electrical tape on each side wrapping it around the bars to make it look like there were some handles). I wore blue jeans and some slip on green boyish sneakers, and lastly, I put in brown hair extensions since my hair is blonde and Elliott had brown hair. :)

Everyone LOVED this costume! I had random people in the street taking pictures of it and going on to tell me how much they loved ET, or that it scared them as a child. Ha ha!

I went with my brother and sister in law to take their kids trick-or-treating. At one of the houses we went to, a lady answered the door and she got a big smile on her face. As she took a step back she said “BEST COSTUME OF THE NIGHT! OK, this is the BEST costume of the night right here!” Then proceeded to call her Mom and have her come out from the kitchen to see my costume. I got compliments all night long and the nice thing was that it was low maintenance and very comfortable as we walked around. I loved that I could wear comfy shoes and it is not a complicated or cumbersome costume. Everyone who has seen ET knew exactly what I was and appreciated it so it was a lot of fun. I was surprised when even the teens knew what I was and went on about details from the movie. The funniest thing was my nephew’s reaction. After I finished the costume and got the crate strapped on, I went inside for the big “reveal”. After the adults laughed, looked it over and told me what a great costume it was, my nephew looked at me all confused (he is five) and said “But, where is your costume? You’re not going to dress up?” because “I” looked normal (I didn’t have the brown hair in until the following night). LOL. So, to get him excited about my costume I chased him around all night telling him that the alien was going to get him. He laughed and loved it when I chased after him.

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