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Coolest Homemade Christmas Story Couple Costumes

This Christmas Story Couple Costumes was such a hit! Here is what I did:

Used a box, covered it in Wood Grain Contact Paper(Home Depot) and added balsa wood(Craft Store) for a 3D effect. Then I stenciled on the words Fragile and This End Up. I then added some packing material(craft store) to the bottom with a hot glue gun.

Lamp Shade:
Found the biggest lamp shade I could find at Wal-Mart. I had to cut out the wire innards and also cut it down the back so that I could get into it. I added a little material the same color and then sewed on Velcro so I could close it up. I added Black Tassel(craft store). I also lengthened mine by adding a strip of fabric and some boning to the bottom to keep the round shape. Then all you need is some Fish Net Stockings and Black High Heels.

We got loads of compliments and will def. re-use this in the future.

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