Last year the book 50 Shades was so popular we thought about something related to that.  Then we saw some gray-scale costume idea online and decided to merge the two. So we created the 50 Shades of Gray TV.

We picked shows from 50s and 60s that were in black and white and selected our cast of characters for each show. We wore all black, white and gray outfits like black and white TV. We made the large TV  – about 9 feet by 12 feet out of PVC pipe and a painted sheet.  We made it look like an old Zenith TV. We had each TV show do a little skit and had music for each play to introduce the skit padded with a space for the skit to perform. It got pretty technical but it all worked out good. it’s about as orginal as you can get.  We won our large group category at work.

Just come up with an idea and figure it out as you go!