Cool DIY Participation Trophies: A Family Costume Adventure

Participation Tropthies

My 3 boys started sports this last year and our schedules gut even crazier then they were. At the end of each season, they would get a participation trophy and my husband and I would argue that we the parents should get one too. The boys wanted to be trophies for Halloween and make a … Read more

Embodying the Essence of Nature: A Homemade Mother Nature Costume


This Mother Nature costume has been brewing in my mind for two years. I envisioned myself as a force to be reckoned with, representing the power and beauty of nature. Over the past 12 months, I meticulously refined my sketches and gathered all the necessary components to bring this vision to life. Gathering Flora and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Avatar and Banshee Costumes

Best homemade Avatar and banshee

For the Banshee: I carved the head out of foam and molded eyes with wood putty. I made the long ears with AC covering and wire. Then I painted and used nail polish over the eyes for a gloss. I bought a motorcycle helmet and shoulder pads from OfferUp to attach the wings and head … Read more

Bringing Mystique to Life: A DIY Halloween Costume

My first halloween with Mystique costume

This Halloween, I decided to embrace the spirit of the season and transform into the enigmatic Mystique from the X-Men universe. As a first-time Halloween celebrant, I was thrilled to embark on this costume creation journey. Gathering the Essentials My experience with costume making proved invaluable in bringing this project to life. I began by … Read more

DIY Corpse Bride Costume: A Halloween Masterpiece

Emily, the Corpse Bride, homemade cosplay

I decided I wanted to be Emily, the Corpse Bride (concept originally by Tim Burton) for Halloween this year since I felt my makeup skills were finally developed enough to be able to pull off the look successfully. I knew I would have to make the costume myself so I started two months early. I … Read more

Beautiful Handmade Corpse Bride Costume

Beautiful Corpse Bride

My daughter wanted to be the Corpse Bride this year for Halloween so we tried to make it a modern take on this Tim Burton Classic! We used an old pageant dress of mine and added a corset the top of it. We used hot glue to create the rib bones and then hot glued … Read more

Wackiest Taylor Swift / Travis Kelce Mashup Costume

Wackiest Taylor Swift / Travis Kelce Mashup Costume

After my 2019 Freddie Mercury / Freddy Kreuger mashup costume went viral, I started thinking about other potential combinations for a future split get-up. It felt like enough time had passed at this point to do the concept again, and since I never repeat the same thing twice I told myself that it had to … Read more

My Dad is Ursula?!

My Dad is Ursula?!

Well to begin with this whole process of making my dad into Ursula was enjoyable! My mother and I painted and cut each octopus leg that are made with cardboard. We assembled the legs glueing them to a ski that we painted black. My dad has natural short hair so he fit this character perfectly … Read more

Bonnie and Clyde Couple Costume Reimagined

Bonnie and Clyde - Reimagined

My partner and I struggled to come up with LGBTQ friendly couple costumes… so, we created our own. We did lots of research on Bonnie and Clyde and used vintage clothing, as well as scraps of fabric.

Cool Last-Minute Day of the Dead Costume

Coco movie in real life

Everything in this Day of the Dead outfit was thrifted. The hat was made by glueing day of the dead skulls, bones, and painting the hat black. His face was painted with face paint with a detailed day of the dead sugar skull inspiration design.

Coolest Homemade Papa Smurf Costume

Coolest Homemade Papa Smurf Costume

Happy Halloween to all. Here’s how this Papa Smurf costume came into existence… Choosing a costume for my preferred time of the 12 months did no longer come effortless this year. Many innovative costume ideas crossed my mind, but, Papa we have a problem, you have a full white beard on your face, and no … Read more