As a family of 6 who all love Halloween, I typically begin planning our Halloween costumes a year before Halloween and begin gathering items around August. We have been the Wizard of Oz  characters, Scooby Do characters, Disney characters, insects, and the Peter Pan cast. We have always wanted to do Alice in Wonderland, but I was a little intimidated by how extensive the costumes were. Finally this year, I went for it! We mixed elements of both the Disney classic cartoon Alice, with some Tim Burton contemporary Alice.

My husband’s contemporary Mad Hatter costume was chosen almost exclusively from a thrift shop (charcoal pants, purple velvet blazer, pink button up dress shirt, funky womens socks in two different colors). The lace cuffs were a leftover from a previous years costume that came with a lace cuff and jabot set. The hat was the official Disney Mad Hatter hat/wig combo, and was purchased from Amazon, (the hair was attached to the hat). The thread spool belt was also purchased from Amazon. I found the scarf he is wearing on Ebay, it’s difficult to make out in the photos but it actually is printed with teacups. His boots are his own Chukka boots from Urban Outfitters. I used internet photos to do his and everyone else’s makeup (blue, pink and purple eye shadow, white clown makeup base, and pink lipstick).

My oldest daughter’s contemporary White Queen costume was a thrift store wedding dress that I cut the train off of and safety pinned to fit properly. Her long white wig was purchased from Amazon. We added a pearl necklace that we already own. Black boots-her own (white clown make up base, brown eye shadow, burgundy lips and nails).

For my little classic Cheshire Cat, I ordered a costume dress/legwarmers/gloves with headband ears from Mr. I added the purple leggings. Her makeup took about 30 minutes to do. I used purple and pink eye shadow, black liquid eyeliner, white clown makeup. Very painstaking but worth it.

For my middle daughter, classic Alice costume was custom hand made from a seller on Etsy. She included the black headband hair bow and long tulle pinafore. I added the white tights and the black Mary-Jane style shoes from Walmart.

My son as the white rabbit was almost exclusively decked out in Thrift store attire. I chose a white dress button up shirt, black blazer, black baseball pants, his sister’s white bobby socks and his own Converse sneakers. The ears were purchased from Amazon and are the trademarked Disney White Rabbit ears. The spectacles and bow tie were from Amazon. The’ “pocketwatch” was made with cardboard and drawn with markers by hand based on picture we found on the internet of an old pocket watch.

My costume dress was purchased from Amazon. The wig was the official Disney Red Queen costume hat also from Amazon. The septor I found at Dollar General. The playing card knee high socks were purchased from Ebay.  My boots are my own. My makeup was a clown white base, blue eye shadow, red lips, and black eyeliner for brows and eyes.

All together I spent about $250 for all 6 costumes. We won the costume contest at our local Air Force Base trunk-or-treat…which was the only contest we entered. We have received many compliments this year and I think this is the best I’ve done so far! I’m so glad I decided to make the effort this year, it really paid off! Now- on to planning next years!