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Coolest Homemade Alice in Wonderland Costume

This is what you need for this Alice in Wonderland Costume :

• Hot Glue
• White, Green, Black, Red, Bright Pink, and Bright Purple Felt Material
• Pink and Purple Ribbon
• Alice in Wonderland Material from a outgrown pair of scrub pants
• Small Styrofoam plate
• Yellow foam
• Purple tutu (store bought)
• Red/black striped tutu (store bought)
• Striped tights with hearts and spades (store bought)
• Platform boots
• Rabbit ears
• Red craft roses
• White craft roses
• Red paint
• Kids ceramic ply tea set
• Mini playing cards
• Alice in wonderland wig w/ blue streaks (store bought)
• Alice in wonderland hair bows (store bought)
• Red Christmas bow on the side of shirt as worn by white rabbit
• Green Easter basket grass
• Clay to make mushrooms on boots
• Blue fuzzy craft balls
• Computer and Printer to print clock images

The Hat:

The hat was a St. Patrick’s Day hat I had from a few years back…. Covered the top of the hat in the bright pink felt and rapped purple ribbon around it. Hot glued rabbit ears we had taken off a headband, then glued on the big bow which we made out of white felt and glued black felt circles to it and secured it with a bunch of the red roses in the middle. On the side of the hat is a piece of cardboard and we wrote “In this style 10/20” which is what the mad hatter had on his hat from the storybook. (We also had to glue a round container into of the original hat to make it stiff and not droopy.)

The Shirt:

The shirt is a white dress shirt with a built in black vest with silver stripes we purchase years ago. All we did was glue a red bow to the left sleeve and red heart down the back of the shirt.

The Neck Piece:

Just cut the material from an old pair of alice in wonderland scrubs.

The Chest Piece:

As worn by the white rabbit from the storybook……..
We took some white felt and cut it to shape. Hot glued red and black cut outs of hearts to it and also some smaller red hearts and black spades to outline the bottom curve. Then black felt lines were glued to outline and box off all the hearts. Also attached one purple and one pink ribbon to the top of chest piece and ran them down the back of the shirt and secured it to the tutus to look like suspenders from the back.

The Clock:

Small Styrofoam plate with a computer print out of a clock glued to the middle, then outlined in yellow foam and red pipe cleaners.

The Boots:

We bought some platform boots at a flea market. Covered one boot in layers of pink and purple felt stripes (to mimic the Cheshire cat’s stripes) and the other in layers of black and red felt stripes (to mimic the colors of the red queen). Glue green paper grass to the front of the boots. Then we glued mini playing cards to the boots as well as many other things that went with the alice theme (clocks, tea pots, the bottle with a ‘drink me’ note, a piece of cake that says ‘eat me’, an up-side-down flamingo, red roses, white roses that we painted partially red, blue caterpillar we made out of blue craft balls, and red mushrooms made out of clay)

Make Up:

White face
Pink cat nose
Red heart on cheek
Black spade on other cheek
Blue eye shadow above eyes
Red lipstick for lips
Red lipstick to write “WE’RE ALL MAD HERE” on one arm & “I’M MAD, YOU’RE MAD” should be written on other arm.


Blonde Alice in Wonderland Wig w/ blue streaks.
Blue Hair bows with spade and heart charms.

Homemade Alice in Wonderland Costume

Homemade Alice in Wonderland Costume

Homemade Alice in Wonderland Costume

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