My daughter Lily loves ANYTHING Disney  this year she wanted to be Alice in Wonderland. Easy enough. I started at the end, naturally. I made her a Cheshire cat. Of course after I made it we found the Disney store finally carried one. I like mine better, but i’m partial.

I didn’t have a pattern, I just looked at pictures of him and went from there. I got two different materials that I felt went together, and my husband picked the embroidery thread that was the decoration in between. He picked gray to mirror when the cat disappears and goes into smoke. His face is made of felt and sewn on. I made this about 1 1/2 months early, so Lily played with it and I ended up having to fix it a bit before Halloween.

Next I did her bag. I can’t have her trick or treating with a regular bag, it needed to match. So I used a reusable Walmart bag, and took in the sides to give it a different shape.  The characters on the side, I drew the size I wanted, then copied it. I then cut up one of the pics to make patterns to use to cut out the felt pieces. I then arranged them on the face of the bag and hot glued them into place.

Her dress was the easiest, I used Simplicity pattern #2330. I again used a flower print opaque material for her apron to be different.  I made the bow with ribbon and elastic, the shoes are from a thrift shop and she already owned the tights.  She got rave reviews, curtsied to everyone, and got more candy than she needed. She also loves to wear it to Disneyland, and everyone loves it there also because you never see little girls dressed as Alice.