In 2010 my girlfriend and me saw in the cinema a trailer of Alice in Wonderland. For a few seconds we also saw Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter in this trailer. Quite fascinated and in the climax of the carnival season we started to re-build this costume based on the few seconds in the trailers. Each and every second we used to have a closer look how the costume looks like.

It was not that easy because trailer for new movie are often dynamic, so there is no 3 second freeze of a picture to use it to rebuild a costume. When wearing the costume at the carnival everybody was asking who I am. But everybody liked it. After a few weeks, Alice in Wonderland came in the cinemas and after that I met my friends from the carnival saying: “Now I know, who you are – Mad Hatter”.

I’m very proud of the costume, it took more than 3 weeks to build it and was more effort, than my girlfriend and I expected at the beginning of the project. We think, it looks a bit better than the original.