Our Wonderland Costumes…Don’t call me crazy, just call me “Mad”.

Disclaimer: Just know that I am NOT a super seamstress…creative, maybe…but I cannot sew more then a straight line! It may also be added that my hubby is NOT a “dress up and go out” for Halloween kind of guy! BUT, he thoroughly enjoyed this years costumes (only complained about the face makeup).

our Wonderland Family was a hit!!! I felt like a celebrity (ok, so maybe not as cool as Johnny Dep himself, but hey…first time anyone has ever stopped ME to take a picture!!) 

Introducing…Mad Hatter, Alice, Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat, and White Rabbit!

The madness began whe my daughter decided to dress up as THE Queen of Hearts…the rest of us followed “suit” (no pun intended, hee hee).


Truly, our Queen of Hearts, our sweetheart has certainly won over all our hearts.  Although she is not bossy like the Queen of Hearts character, she does like to be in charge.  In her world of pretend, she is often the leader in the games she plays.

Although sweet, she did enjoy parading around the house demanding, “Off with your head!”


Gold, White, Red, Black tule (shiny or shimmery is best!). I used 3 yards of each. You may need more or less, depending on the fullness and length desired!

Black and Red satin ribbon (to tie for the shoulder straps and accent bows on the skirt)

Glitter felt (stiff) for cutout hearts accenting the skirt

Gold Glitter “fun foam” and Plastic headband for the crown

5″ crochet stretchy headbands- two red and two black. Sew edges together to make the bodice.

This is EASY and almost all NEW SEW! The tule is cut in strips then each strip is tied around an elastic waistband (no sew-Yeah!!). Alternating colors, so the white is in front, black and red on sides…etc. Hand or machine stitch the waistband ends together AFTER all the strips of tule are tied!!

sketch a heart pattern for the glitter accent hearts. Cut out of glittered stiff felt. Hand stitch on the front strip of tule. I created a chunky stitch using black embroidery thread.

The bodice: sew 5″ stretchy headbands together (you will have to pull out the machine for this). I used alternating 2 blacks and 2 reds- my daughter wears a size 5/6. A toddler can get away with just 2, and a baby…just 1 (NO SEW-yeah!!). 

How in the heck does the bodice attach to the skirt??? I experimented, and experimented…conclusion: tie it on with more tule! EASY! Just loop the tule through the crocheted loops, and secure it to the waistband. Sewing is also an option here.

The CROWN is glitter Fun foam. I played with a few sizes, and styles. I drew them out on paper, and made paper crowns before making a permanent cut in my foam! P.S. don’t stress about perfection here! It’s Wonderland…nothing is as it seems, and everything is topsy tervy!! (my crown: 4 uneven, and exaggerated spikes. Dainty and tipsy). Hot glue the edges together, then hot glue it to a plastic headband…EASY!

Finally: add a pair of striped tites, and it’s “Off with your head!”


So, I cheated a bit here…I really only had to make the pocket watch and ruffle sleeves for this cutie!

From your closet: a pair of linen or khaki pants and a white shirt

From the store: a pair of bunny ears, and tail

From the thrift store: an old blazer, and vest (I scored both for just $3.00)!

Add some “lace trim”, sold by-the-yard,  to the sleeves of the jacket.

The pocket watch: I searched “printable clock face” on the internet. Found one I liked, printed, cut out, and slipped it into a plastic photo keychain cover.  Use some extra tule from Queenie’s costume to tie an accent ruffle bow. A giant safety pin secured the bow to the jacket.

Seriously, the easiest costume yet!


A crowd favorite!! Strangers were wanting to take picures!

striped footie pajamas were transformed by attaching a feather boa tail. The ears are cat ears transformed by tacking small strips of “tail” boa onto the back side. And my favorite…the smile! Cut a Cheshire smile from glittery felt, and hot glue it onto a binkie! A smile will last even while the little kitty sleeps!!!


of all the costumes…this one just about drove me “mad”. Painting stripes on cutoff jeans sounds easy…but in reality, kinda annoying! The swirly pattern I just “went with whatever”, sort of basing it off of the Mad Hatter from the recent movie.

The hat, found online (used, but cheap!)

The “arsenal of thread”  was made by cutting a leather belt in half. Then, using twine, I wrapped it through several spools of thread, securing them together. once the spools are all connected, the ends of twine are sewn through the holes in the belt. The arsenal is worn like a sash.

The eyebrows are hysterical!! Pieces of wig glued (with washable Elmer’s).

The sleeves are done up the same as White Rabbits.