My friends and I went as some of the popular characters from Adventure Time! We made our costumes from scratch and some base items.

I was Breakfast Princess. I sewed the pancake skirt completely from scratch, and sewed the embelishments onto the toast shirt. The headband and belt were made of felt to resemble bacon. Also turned a small felt purse into another Adventure Time character and Breakfast Princess’ little sister Strudel Princess from felt and a small christmas ornament! Yellow tights, some white egg shell shoes, and yellow makeup for my skin and my costume was finished.

My sister, Liz, was Flame princess. She sewed her entire costume from scratch fabric. The gem stone on her dress and head was made from painted paper. We custom structured a wig to make it stand on end. It was a long curly red and orange wig to start. She also used red/orange makeup to color her skin.

Jerrod went as Peppermint Butler. We decided to make the entire costume into just a face mask/helmet due to Peppermint Butler’s size and shape in the show. The structure was made of cardboard and painters tape. It was then covered in red, white and blue felt. the arms and legs were sewn out of felt and stuffed with cotton stuffing. The bow tie was hot glued on from a clip on. Jerrod finished of the costume by wearing all black and painting his face to match the peppermint color.

Rachel went as Marceline the Vampire Princess. She found a long black wig, and some grey face paint to get the vampire look. She was able to create the rest of the costume using clothes she already owned. She created the Axe Guitar out of foam core and paint. She topped her costume off with the perfect scowl :)

Nate went as Lumpy Space Princess. We also decided because of LSP’s shape that it worked best as a mask as well. His was formed from painted foam core. It was topped with glitter paint, and he wore all black for the allusion.

This year we went to a party called Boneshaker at Redmoon Theatre in Chicago, IL. It is a custom costume mecha! We were shocked when we realized we were the only ones there in Adventure Time costumes! We had tons of people including workers for Boneshaker run up to us and take our picture! We all had a blast dancing and having fun, and will go down in history as our best group costume to date!