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Coolest Halloween Teen Titans Group Costume

For Halloween 2012, we were the Teen Titans. We were (from left to right) Raven, Beast Boy, Nightwing, Cyborg, Starfire and Robin. We got rave reviews (mostly from 12-year-old boys) and had such a great time! Titans, Go!



· Red t-shirt (sleeves cut off)
· Green short-sleeved t-shirt
· Green “superhero” gloves
· Teen Titans Converse hi-tops
· Black mock turtleneck shirt (for cape)
· Yellow twin-sized bed sheet (for cape)
· Felt (red, black, yellow)
· Green fabric for pants
· Yellow duct tape
· Black Sharpie marker
· White eye shadow and black face paint (for mask)
· Black “wolf man” wig

For Halloween 2012, our son went as Robin from the Teen Titans. This costume was extremely easy to put together.

We created the 3 yellow stripes and “R” logo out of felt. We cut the sleeves off a red t-shirt and hot-glued the felt pieces on the shirt. He wore the green t-shirt underneath the red one.

For the cape, I took the black mock turtleneck (purchased at a thrift store) and cut the sleeves and most of the front panel off. I bought an adult size so it would hang low in the back. I took the yellow bed sheet and cut it to fit exactly the underside of the shirt, having cut out a hole where his head would go through then I whip-stitched the sheet to the shirt.

The pants were actually ones he wore last year for Peter Pan but they are made out of green fabric – very simple design. We already had the Teen Titans Converse so he wore those.

My husband created the belt using yellow duct tape and black Sharpie marker.

The gloves were purchased from Savers (Halloween selection) and got pretty warm on his hands but looked great. The wig is from a wolf man costume we had (since Robin has spiky black hair and my son has short blond hair). We found that putting a wig cap directly on his hair (under the wig) helped his head from getting too sweaty and kept him comfortable.

I painted on the mask using white/silver eye shadow and black eyeliner/face paint.

We got so many compliments on his costume!

Total Cost: $20

Robin Halloween Costume
Robin Halloween Costume


Beast Boy

· Purple mock turtleneck shirt
· Black long-sleeved t-shirt
· Purple shorts
· Black tights
· Grey/black garden gloves
· Grey/silver duct tape
· White socks
· Black converse
· Green face paint and hair spray

For Halloween 2012, our son went as Beast Boy from the Teen Titans. This became a lesson in comfort. We had purchased a green wig for him but he was MISERABLE in the Arizona heat (it was a very warm Halloween). We also purchased and painted pointy “Spock” ears for him but he was, again, MISERABLE wearing them so I ended up just painting his face/ears and hair with face paint and hair spray, respectively.

We took the purple turtleneck, removed the entire sleeve set, and cut it into the shape you see. We found purple shorts at a thrift store and he wore those over his black tights.

He wore grey garden gloves and even though they made his hands sweat, he was a trooper and kept them on all night.

My husband created the belt out of silver duct tape and black Sharpie.

He wore his black Converse hi-tops and the look was complete. He got a lot of compliments and he loved being Beast Boy for a night.

Total Cost: $15


· Black generic “superhero” suit (found at thrift store)
· Blue felt
· Black gloves
· Black long-sleeved t-shirt
· Black shoes
· Black face paint (mask)
· Wooden dowels
· Silver and black tape

For Halloween 2012, my nephew went as Nightwing. This was an incredibly easy costume to put together.

We lucked out and found a simple black generic superhero suit at a thrift store ($5) as well as the gloves ($1). I used bright blue felt and cut it into the shape that went across his chest and down his arms. I whip-stitched this onto the suit. He wore a black turtleneck shirt under the suit and black shoes.

The “swords” were made out of wooden dowels wrapped in silver and black tape. I painted his mask on with black face paint and we spiked his hair.

He was SO cute! He loved this costume and got a lot of compliments.

Total Cost: $7

Nightwing Halloween Costume
Nightwing Halloween Costume


· Black turtleneck shirt
· Black shorts
· Purple wig
· Dark blue flat bed sheet
· Cardboard
· Yellow duct tape

For Halloween 2012, my sister went as Raven from the Teen Titans. This costume is pretty simple. She wore a black turtleneck and black shorts, a purple wig, and I made a hooded cape out of a dark blue bed sheet. The belt was made with yellow duct tape and cardboard circles. I glued red dots to the cardboard circles. I taped a safety pin to the back of the brooch on her cape. She looked great!

Total Cost: $10

Raven Halloween Costume
Raven Halloween Costume



· Duct tape (white, light blue, silver/gray) for gauntlets, shin guards, boot covers and headpiece
· White short-sleeved shirt (ours was Under Armour 5-pad football shirt)
· Black and gray running pants
· Black and gray long-sleeved t-shirt
· Black and white work gloves
· Red light (Niteize LED)
· Blue glow sticks (8 bracelet sized, 2 necklace sized)
· Wire clothes hangers
· Fastex buckles
· Velcro wraps
· Dark blue Sharpie pen

For Halloween 2012, my husband went as Cyborg from the Teen Titans. This was, by far, the most labor intensive costume we made.

His clothes were the “easy” part. He wore a long-sleeved black t-shirt under the white Under Armour football shirt (a surprise find at a thrift store for about $15, retails around $90) and the pants are black and gray running pants. He wore black/white work gloves we got from Home Depot.

For his headpiece, we placed duct tape upside down (sticky side up) all around his head to form a skull cap. We then placed another layer of duct tape on top of the skull cap, gluing the sticky sides together. On top of that, we placed several more layers of duct tape to stiffen/strengthen the piece. We then cut the right half of the skull cap off and decorated the left side with the blue and white duct tape. He used gray duct tape to form the chin piece, securing it to the bottom of the skull cap. Using the key fob clip on the LED light, we secured it to the headpiece using a small pocket made from tape lined up with his left eye. The light was easily activated by pressing it from the inside of the mask. We took a dark blue Sharpie and decorated the light blue duct tape with circuit pathways.

A similar technique was used for the gauntlets, shin guards and boot covers. We used the wire hangers to stiffen the gauntlets and shin guards. The shin guards were secured to his legs with Fastex buckles and the gauntlets were secured to his arms with Velcro wrist straps. His boots were covered in the blue and white duct tape.

We waited until Halloween night to attach the glow sticks. We cracked/activated them right before we went trick-or-treating then taped them to his gauntlets, headpiece, and around his knees.

He cut his hair REALLY short so we covered his scalp with talcum powder because the duct tape headpiece made his head really sweaty. He looked SO great! He wore a black backpack with our iPod and speakers inside that played the “Teen Titans Theme Song” all night. It was spectacular!!!

Total Cost: $65

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