I have always been a fan of princesses from cartoons, movies, and Video Games. One of my favorite’s has always been Princess Peach Toadstool, from the Mario games. And her many different outfits are always so fashionable.

I’ve waited years to make a Princess Peach costume, and when I finally did so, I had no idea where to begin. Never-the-less, I didn’t let that stop me. So I decided to make a costume based on Peach’s outfit from the game Super Mario World (1991, SNES) since it was the first Mario game I had ever played and my first encounter with the Princess and the other citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom.

So, I sketched out a pattern for the top of the dress based on my own measurements and made a simple long skirt pattern as well. I used an old t-shirt to line the inside of the top, and used a white silk and a little lace to add an inner layer to the skirt. After making some pattern adjustments and gathering the skirt, I made my Peach outfit. Originally I made it as a shirt and a skirt, but I later went back and sewed them together to make it a dress. I used cotton as the main fabric, and did the details (the waist band, the bow, the gather things) with silk. EVERYTHING was sewn by hand, no machine used.

I made a crown with gold metallic poster board , acrylic gems, and gold glitter fabric glue. I made a wire comb and hot glued it to the inside of the crown to help it stay on my head better. I actually have three different blue brooches for the costume: one is small and acrylic (shown in the pictures), one made from plastic, and the other I cast from resin. I decided to use the smaller acrylic gem, as it gave the costume a Victorian feel. I have two different sets of earrings for this as well. In the pictures shown, I have on the smaller blue bulbs so they aren’t as noticeable, but I have much larger ones as well. The earrings were made with Christmas ornaments, clip on earrings, and lots of blue glitter. The long opera gloves were bought from Claire’s and used for my High School Prom, so I figured I might as well get some more use out of them.

The wig took FOREVER to style. I bought a long, blonde Yi Mi wig off Ebay and cut some layers. I then added curls with plastic rollers, steam, and a ton of hairspray to each layer, to replicate Peach’s hair. The very top layer the curls are formed almost like hair spikes, so I ended up using some glue on those to hold them in place.

Note that I am wearing a crinoline petticoat under the skirt to give it a little more body. And obviously, I took a little artistic creativity and added the bow to the back and the gathered thing (I don’t know what else to call it) between the light and dark pink on the dress. But even with my additions, I wanted to keep as true to the character as possible, and I feel like I succeeded.

Overall, I’m very happy with this costume. I actually plan to make more of Peach’s outfits now…I’ve got plenty of pink material laying around. Anyway, I hope you all like my first Princess Peach Toadstool costume  (also, there is a video of me practicing my Princess Peach voice and I am wearing one of my larger brooches, the plastic one.)