We were invited to a friend’s 30th birthday party – a super heroes dress up.  After trawling sites for a cool couples idea, we settled on Mario and Luigi Super Mario Bros. couple costume.  My husband has the right fluff for the tache and the costumes were easy to make.  It all started with a sketch of what I had in mind.  I bought some material from our local fabric store and worked off a pair of my husbands pajama pants for his dungarees and one of my dresses for me.

I needed a lot of help from my mom because she’s the sewer in the family.  The dress was fairly simple to make and I added on some yellow buttons (actually the store only had big enough ones in blue so I painted them yellow) and a bit of a white tutu-style trim.

Believe it or not, the hats took longer to make – I had ordered some proper ones online, but they didn’t arrive in time, so I had a weekend to make a plan.  I took two old peeked caps, one white and one black, and used acrylic paints to turn them into Mario & Luigi hats.  They ended up pretty stiff, but worked a treat.

To finish off the look, we added some white gloves, my husband shaved off his beard leaving a Mario style moustache and I found a cheap little ‘tache necklace online.

Our outfits were definitely the hit of the party. Everyone loved them and were even more impressed when they found out I had made them myself (with my mom’s help).  We won the prize for best dressed couple!!!

Before we left for the party we took some pictures posing like the Mario Bros and a few days after the party I photoshopped those photos into some Mario Bros backgrounds.  The perfect finale to all that hard work and so cool to get such awesome feedback when posted on Facebook. It was definitely a winner idea that cost me a fraction of hiring costumes for both of us!