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DIY Super Pink and Glam Sexy Princess Peach Costume

My name is Emily and I live in Austin, Texas. Each year at Halloween I make it my mission to create a costume that is not only eye-catching, but also from something I personally like. For years I have been jealous of the elaborate politically correct Princess Peach gowns, but I don’t have the funds or the cool climate to wear such an elaborate costume. In Texas it is HOT at Halloween so the less fabric the better, plus majority of the females going out wear sexy costumes. I don’t like that everyone buys the same store bought costumes and then its a case of “Who wore it better,” so I prefer to make my own costumes. Plus I like two piece costumes instead of one piece and its hard to find things in my size…

For my costume I bought a white structured bra and cheap white cotton skirt. I also stopped at Hobby Lobby and bough pink fabric dye, LOTS of heart and small circle rhinestones, pink satin fabric, elastic, pink ribbon, pink tulle and a few color rhinestones for the crown and earrings.

I dyed the bra and skirt. Cut the skirt shorter and added layers underneath it with the tulle and hot glue. I added side portions like on Princess Peach’s dress with the pink satin fabric (also hot glued). Then scattered pink rhinestones all over the skirt for sparkle plus a pink bow.

The bra I ended up layering the pink satin fabric in a pleated fashion over the cups. I then added heart rhinestones at the tops, a few circle ones scattered on the cups and a BIG blue rhinestone at the center (like on Peach’s dress).

I made arm puff cuffs by using a hemming machine (easier than sewing) to make long fabric cylinders which I gathered on elastic bands and hot glued to make complete circles. Hope that makes sense…. these received rhinestones and bows as well.

I made the crown with an old clear head band that I hot glued a crown I cut out of poster paper. I painted it gold and added rhinestones as well. The crown and arm puff cuffs were the hardest to engineer, but they worked out in the end. I also bought long white gloves, white knee high stockings and gold glitter heels.

The complete product was a success! I received lots of attention and compliments. Several girls who had bought the store-made PP version were envious of my homemade one. The costume was comfortable and very PINK- which was what I wanted. I wanted to be glam and feel like a princess and I did- a sexy one! The best part was trying to find other Mario & Bros people to take photos with!

DIY Super Pink and Glam Sexy Princess Peach Costume

DIY Super Pink and Glam Sexy Princess Peach Costume

DIY Super Pink and Glam Sexy Princess Peach Costume

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