Coolest Carrie White Costume from Carrie the Movie

Carrie White from Carrie the Movie

This Carrie White costume took some tugging, plugging, gluing, and finger pricking, but I did it! With a thread and needle I sewed silky, red fabric layers to create the look of blood and glued them to a painted gray bucket. I had to wire the bucket with very heavy wiring because the fabric weighed … Read more

Grotesque Carrie Costume

Grotesque Carrie Costume

I had an evening gown I wore to a Christmas party years ago. I love horror and Halloween, ask my friends and family, they come to me with any question that covers horror. Anyhow, for my Carrie costume, I picked up a gallon of blood and a crown at Party city. Did my make-up and hair … Read more

DIY Creepy Carrie Costume

DIY Creepy Carrie Costume

I wanted to be scary this year, I knew Carrie would help me achieve this but let me be creative! I couldn’t find a prom dress in thrift shops so I opted for a “goddess costume” that I cut pieces off of to make a generic type dress. 2 nights before my party I used … Read more

Homemade Horror Family Costume

Homemade Horror Family Costume

This past Halloween my husband and I decided that we would each go as a character from a horror movie. I was Carrie from Stephen King’s “Carrie”, my husband went as Johnny from “The Shining” (also Stephen King), and our 2 yr. old son went as Chucky from “Child’s Play”. None of the costumes cost much money, … Read more

Coolest Carrie Halloween Costume

I love making my costumes every year.  I decided to go as Steven Kings Carrie.  So much fun to make.   I was so lucky to find a p

I love making my costumes every year.  I decided to go as Steven Kings Carrie.  So much fun to make.   I was so lucky to find a pink long dress at the thift store for under $10.00.  Bought a white wig.  I went to Michael’s craft store and purchased BRIGHT red fabric paint  (can use craft paint too, don’t … Read more

Coolest Homemade Carrie Prom Queen Nightmare Costume

Homemade Carrie Prom Queen Nightmare Costume

This Homemade Carrie Prom Queen Nightmare Costume is made with a Prom dress of 70-80’s style. Purchased liquid blood and dripped it so it was running down all sides. Silk roses with silk ribbon with droplets of blood. Blood on face, arms and flesh showing. Prom Queen tiara. Prom King, 80’s suit, 80’s hair, king … Read more

Coolest Carrie Costume

Coolest Carrie Costume 4

Last year I came home from a Halloween party (dressed as Alex Delarge) and curled up on the couch in hopes of catching a scary movie before declaring my Halloween fun over for another year. As luck would have it, Carrie was just starting up, and I decided then and there that I had found … Read more

Coolest Carrie Homemade Costume

Homemade Carrie Costume

My husband decided to have a horror theme for his 35th Birthday party. I decided to go as Carrie as it was one of the only horror movies I have ever seen in my life! I actually ordered a Carrie Costume online but was so disappointed when I received it; I decided to make my … Read more

Coolest Carrie DIY Costume

Carrie Costume

A few months before Halloween 2005 I happened to catch Carrie on TV and thought, “what a great, gory costume that would be.” As the day drew closer I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head for a Carrie costume and decided to go for it. I paid $10 for an old bridesmaid’s … Read more

Coolest Homemade Carrie Halloween Costume

Homemade Carrie Halloween Costume

My dad and I are really big horror movie buffs. My mom, brother, and sister, not so much. So, when they all left for a week-long vacation, we took the opportunity to rent a bunch of horror movies. I had read “Carrie” several months ago, and I decided to add the 1976 movie version to … Read more