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Coolest Carrie White Costume from Carrie the Movie

This Carrie White costume took some tugging, plugging, gluing, and finger pricking, but I did it!

With a thread and needle I sewed silky, red fabric layers to create the look of blood and glued them to a painted gray bucket. I had to wire the bucket with very heavy wiring because the fabric weighed it down a bit but it turned out quite theatrical.

I glued wire to a plastic headband and ran the wire about 2 feet in the air to the bucket and then glued the fabric around the wire to hide the wire. I flowed a long piece of red “blood” fabric down the side of my dress to create the look of blood flowing down over my head from the bucket.

The dress I found at Goodwill and I topped it off with some glitter on my eyelids. A little red lipstick finished it off!

This Carrie White costume was so much fun because I love the movie Carrie and I think the movie is such a classic! The hardest part was dealing with all the hot glue I needed for the assembly of the bucket and fabric. I won a local costume contest as Carrie!

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