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Friday the 13th Part 7 The New Blood Jason Voorhees Costume

Another one of my favorite costumes to make and wear, and is always a huge hit with the crowds at my events is Friday the 13th Part 7 Jason The New Blood Voorhees costume. I get all the clothes and then I weather them all up with lots of cutting, sanding, dremeling, fraying ect. I then add several layers of varying paint colors to give it that dirty and grimy look and sometimes I add blood as well.

I then painted up all the bones and gave them a wet look, and I made the hands out of skeleton gloves, latex, and toilet paper and painted them the same colors and make them look wet, and did the same thing for the undermask and hockey mask.

I then took a weed-wacker and modified it by removing the metal rod and adding a lighter and longer wooden one, and then painted it silver to match. I then cut a round cardboard wheel tracing a plate, and added 2-3 layers to make it thicker, and then cut out all the teeth using an X-acto knife. I then glued them all together to make one stiff blade. I then used a Powerade cap as the end piece to attach the wheel to using hot glue.

I then took a plastic chain and painted it all up to match and added fake rust as well, and made it adjustable with a hidden slit. I have won many prizes at my Halloween parades and events with this costume for about 30 years now of making and wearing them, including 1st place, scariest, best overall, and ugliest as well without the mask.

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