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Scary Homemade Jason Voorhees Costume from Freddy vs. Jason

This Jason Voorhees Costume from Freddy vs. Jason all began with the obsession I have for Halloween and all things macabre. My house is always the creepiest in the neighborhood. That being said my neighbor from 5 doors down has been depicting Freddy Krueger since his college days. He thought it would be a good idea if we paired up as Freddy and Jason. Now comes the fun part, which version of Jason to depict. I’ve chosen the “versus” version as I feel it depicts the character the best.

So here’s the ingredients that you’ll need to scare the hell out of everyone on your block:

  1. Blank hockey mask
  2. Latex hood (to be worn under hockey mask)
  3. Machete
  4. Burlap barn jacket – thrift store
  5. Dark blue Hanes t-shirt
  6. Gray Hanes sweatshirt
  7. Dark brown swetapants
  8. Black gauntlet gloves
  9. Dark boots
  10. Hockey mask chevrons
  11. Optional – Shoe inserts (to be screen accurate you should be 6’4″, so you may need more than 1 per boot)
  12. Optional – coagulating blood gel


  • Acrylic paints
  • Clearcoat
  • Grinder
  • Cheese grater
  • rasp
  • Seam ripper
  • Solo cups
  • Q-tips
  • Belt sander
  • Spray bottle

First thing to do is paint the hockey mask with a base color, then put the chevrons on, ding it up a bit and apply at least one coat of clear coat (to protect the damage that you just did).

Next take a grinder and, being very careful, grind the machete down until all edges of the blade are dull. Also dull the flat part down to give it a weathered and used appearance. Apply the blood and let dry for at least 7 days. It will still be tacky after it’s dried but that’s ok.

Now on to the clothing. You want to mix up some acrylic paints to get at least three different “woodsy” colors (I prefer the darker colors).. you can mix brown with a little black, green with a little gray and black with a little gray. You can use red solo cups to mix the acrylic paints in and q-tips as stirrers.

Take a cheese grater, rasp, file, seam ripper or what ever your weapon of choice is and start ripping holes where the clothing would most commonly be worn (elbows, knees, bottom of sleeves, bottom of pant legs, etc.). To go all out use a belt sander and place a rock underneath the fabric. Once your done weathering the fabrics its time to apply the colors. Start with the darkest colors first and layer the three colors. Do not try to make a pattern but make it appear random as though someone has lived their entire life in the woods, wearing the same clothing. Take a spray bottle filled with water and squirt to blend the paint.

Scary Homemade Jason Voorhees Costume from Freddy vs. Jason

Scary Homemade Jason Voorhees Costume from Freddy vs. Jason

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