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Easy Child’s DIY Jason Voorhees Costume

This is me (Elliot) in my DIY Jason Voorhees costume.  I made it with my mom in about a week.  We drilled holes in a Wal-mart Glow in the dark Hockey mask to make it look more like Jason, then we painted a layer of of mixed paint (Brown and Peach).  Then we added touch ups of different browns.  We added the red lines of Friday The 13th Part 3 mask.

We then removed the old strap.  We got three quarters, wrapped them in black duct tape and attached them to the mask and then painted the bump gray so it looked like the straps in Part 3.

For the costume itself  we had a black shirt so that was easy.  Then we went to GoodWill and got a long sleeve Greenish Brown shirt.  We burnt and cut holes in the shirt, and then mixed some Red and Brown paint to make some dry blood and put it on parts.  After that we spay painted some red and black on the shirt.

For the jeans we just put some of the dry blood on them.  To get a really nice dark eyes effect we put black face paint around my eyes.  And, we got the machete online for 12 dollars.

It’s an officially licensed Friday the 13th machete too!

Easy Child's DIY Jason Voorhees Costume

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