Coolest Friday the 13th Costume

Ch,ch,ch,ah,ah,ah!!! Here’s a cool look for any Jason fan. This Friday the 13th costume was customized from a store bought zombie costume. Depending on how you want your Jason to look, I strongly recommend purchasing one that comes with a chest piece and exposed wounds on the legs and arms. Zombie gloves are a good accessory to have also, to give it a more natural zombie look.

Now, most zombie costumes aren’t made with the most quality material, so to give it a more authentic look, wear a dark dress shirt and jeans over the costume. Next, take a pair of scissors or a blade and cut away the dress shirt to expose a little of the chest piece and wounds underneath. For the head, Jason rarely had hair, so I would use a bald cap or Halloween mask with a bald look. If using a mask, cut a circle in the face for better breathing, and view. But don’t cut too big. You don’t your real face to show when you put the hockey mask on.

Use makeup or paint to match rest of costume. A good quality hockey mask can be purchased online, or a cheaper version, from a Halloween store. Ebay has numerous styles, from the series, so you can chose what look you like. Now, to make your look even scarier, place black painted burlap over the eyes in the inside of the mask using glue or a strong adhesive. Burlap is good because it’s easy to see through, at the same time, not allowing your victims to see your eyes. Now, don’t forget Jason’s signature weapon, the machete. These are pretty cheap anywhere or you can get a plastic one at a Halloween store.

Now your ready to meet the new campers.

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