Another costume I did this year was Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street part one. To start I got a brown Indiana Jones fedora, then I weathered it up using a knife, sandpaper, and acrylic paints to make look more like the movie one. I then got a  sweater and also weathered it and aged it to look very dirty and ripped etc. I then used a latex mask and silicone hand, as well as a silicone mask for wearing.

The next was a real challenge, I decided to make the extended arms as shown in Tina’s death scene in the movie. I used 9 gauge wire and foam noodles to make them longer, and also cut off the sleeves from two other sweatshirt to add on the ends for the added length. I then taped on the plastic glove and latex hand on the end. I also weathered some black pants to make looks dirty also, and the same with some boots.