A few months before Halloween 2005 I happened to catch Carrie on TV and thought, “what a great, gory costume that would be.” As the day drew closer I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head for a Carrie costume and decided to go for it.

I paid $10 for an old bridesmaid’s dress at a thrift store (although I did have to take it in a lot), bought a Farrah Fawcett wig, tiara, and fake flowers which I used as a bouquet and corsage. I bought a ton of stage blood and prepared everything ahead of time.

I put on the dress and stood in my shower while my friends covered it in the blood. Then they took it and hung it up to dry while I rinsed off. (By the way, stage blood is very realistic and it is quite disturbing to watch it washing down the drain!) I put the wig on a wig form and covered that in blood too. I really wanted to be sure it looked as if a bucket had been dumped on my head, so I made it heavier on top and more separate towards the bottom. We did the same with the dress. I also made sure to douse the flowers, tiara and corsage.

Doing everything ahead of time was crucial. This is a very messy costume and I didn’t want to get blood all over everything. To do my face and arms I used a coagulated stage blood that is more gel-like, so it stays in place but doesn’t get all dry and flaky when it sets.

I have never had more fun in any costume. The reactions I got from people were amazing. Total strangers were approaching me for pictures, my friends were completely freaked out and it was clear i had the best costume in the room. The downside? I was cleaning up ‘blood’ for weeks and weeks.