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Quick and Easy Little Orphan Annie Costume for a Baby

Here’s how our sweet little orphan Annie costume came to life. Ellis is the first girl after 4 boys, so I knew her costume this year would be amazing. I’d been waiting 11 years to make a girl costume. And when she was born with red hair, I wanted to be sure to celebrate red hair in her costume. My husband just recently made the jump to shave his head bald. So, “Daddy Warbucks” has been swimming around in his head for some time. So out of the blue he suggested Annie. Add that to my minor obsession with musicals and Annie was the perfect fit for her first Halloween on earth. 

I purchased a red dress on sale. Then I doctored it by shortening the sleeves, adding white ribbing, a sash and a white collar. My sewing skills came in handy as I attached them to the dress.  I found a red curly adult sized wig and attached a child sized headband inside using safety pins to make it comfortably fit her head. I then cut the wig down so the size of the curls weren’t so mane-like. Add bobby socks and black mary janes and she ended up being the most perfect little orphan Annie costume ever. 

Ellis is the most even tempered baby ever, so taking pictures turned out to be an easy task. It was also very hot that day, record-breaking in fact, but she didn’t even bat an eye as I threw on the wig and didn’t attempt to remove it. Like I said, best baby ever. After looking back at them it struck me how much of a DOLL she looked like. Not doll as in cute (which she of course, is) but doll as in actual doll. Her porcelain skin lent itself well to the photo shoot. I posted the photo to my Facebook and Instagram and there were so many responses. The most responses I’ve ever received for a post.

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