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Awesome DIY Baby Groot Costume for Under $20!

My DIY Baby Groot costume started with a two-year-old who loves dancing Baby Groot. After watching the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy 28 times so he could dance along, he decided that is who he wanted to be for Halloween. He had an action figure for inspiration.

It all started at the Dollar Tree where I purchased a $1 solid white masquerade mask and a pair of $1 dinosaur sunglasses. For the mask I cut off the nose and made the eyes and mouth larger. I used popsicle sticks to flatten the nose. I popped the lenses out of the sun glasses and glued them over the eyes on the mask. I added a white dot of paint from the cabinet to make the eyes less creepy. I then used paper maché to add strips of a brown paper bag as well as form the top of the groot head. Which I painted green last minute to look like it was moss covered.

For the body of the DIY Baby Groot costume, I used a hand-me-down jacket and pants for the base of the costume. It is important to use one size larger for the jacket, so it will go over the top of the pants. I went to Lowe’s bought six of the 1/2-inch pipe insulation. Ran dowel through them horizontally to help flatten them out. I left them in for a few hours.

During that time, I used a wood burning tool (you can also use the tip of a hot glue gun) to make veins in the pipe insulation to make them look like bark. After they cooled, I went to the paint drawer to get all the shades of brown (Acrylic Deco Art) I had on hand. I used two different shades those were Country Maple and Raw Umber. I started to shave off some of the inside of the insulation to help make it more flexible. I then cut it into shorter sections and began gluing them to the jacket and pants (which we cut the inseam of the pants so he could walk in it easier). I glued the insulation on in many different directions.

The jacket I had was red, so I used black paint to cover any of the red that would show. For the hood of the jacket, the mess from shaving the insulation was glued on and painted. For his shoes, I used his everyday Crocs only adding a piece of insulation to the top of them using wire. For his candy bucket, I used an old cleaning bucket and pipe insulation that was trash bound.

At the local contest this DIY Baby Groot costume won third place, because the judges thought it was store-bought. While trick or treating many people said that this was the best Groot costume they had ever seen.

After being gone for five hours, coming home to a .22 pistol firing in kitchen and a 2-inch flame shooting out of the end of the glue gun. The most important lesson learned during this experience is to treat all guns with respect and as if they are loaded.

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