Bodybuilder Tarzan and Jane Couple Costume

Bodybuilder Tarzan and Jane Couple Costume

We are bodybuilders, so we wanted to wear a costume that will show our hard work with our physique. Instead of doing something popular such as superheros, we wanted to do something unique and don’t see often. We decided to buy leopard bedsheets and create our own Tarzan and Jane costume. We cut the bedsheets … Read more

Easy No-Sew DIY Tarzan Group Costume

This one was inspired by the fact that we already had a gorilla outfit.  And I might add that the girl wearing it actually played four points of the match with the face one and played an entire game with the body part on before the Louisiana heat got to be too much! Major props! … Read more

Coolest Tarzan Costume

Homemade Tarzan Costume

I am just in love with my son’s chubby legs and arms. I needed to think of a costume that would showcase just that! It was either Bam Bam or Tarzan. I decided to go with Tarzan and could not be happier with the finished product. I purchased 1-yd of leopard material. I traced a … Read more