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Easy No-Sew DIY Tarzan Group Costume

This one was inspired by the fact that we already had a gorilla outfit.  And I might add that the girl wearing it actually played four points of the match with the face one and played an entire game with the body part on before the Louisiana heat got to be too much! Major props!

Jane’s costume was made using a leopard print tank top that was found at a thrift store.  Cut it just under the boobs and use the bottom part for the skirt.  You may have to safety pin it on the sides to keep it from falling.

Tarzan’s pants were made using PJ pants that were also found at the thrift store.  We cut the pant legs off a few inches down from the crotch (ie cut the pants into shorts).  Take the part that you cut off (the long part of the leg) and cut it down the whole length of the seam to make one larger piece of fabric.  Do the same for the other pant leg.  Then glue them together on the short side.  Safety pin it at the side to make the loin cloth.

The hunter was made from a khaki shirt and shorts.  Using two belts found at the thrift store we created the “bullet sling” or whatever it’s called.  Basically just take two brown belts and glue one so that it’s hanging over the shoulder.  You can glue it onto the belt so that you can reuse the shirt again.  The hat came from the party store.  The gun was made using a broom handle and some odd pieces of wood that we had lying around.  Those were ductaped to the broom handle.  We left them unpainted because we didn’t want it to be too realistic, lol.

And of couse, have fun with the picture taking!

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