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Unimaginable Edward Scissorshands Homemade Costume

People are bored of me wearing this same costume every year, but I can’t help it, I just love it! It started in 2005, I was gonna dress up as “The Crow” but a friend of mine suggested me to do it as Edward Sscissorshands and he gave me some ideas. Unfortunately I don’t have the first picture but I have the other ones.

2010 costume

What to buy

First of all I looked for pictures in Google of the Edward Sscissorshands character,toys, dolls and movie pictures. That gave me a good idea on how the costume looks like and which materials should I buy.

So the character has 5 important parts that you should be aware of to buy them separately.

1-    The Belts

2-    The boots

3-    Jacket & Pants

4-    Make up & Hair

5-    The Scissorshands

If you see I have my previous year’s Edward Sscissorshands costumes, one is more expensive than the other one so I’ll give you both options.

2009 Costume

The Belts

That was my first concern. How was I going to do the belts? Very easy, I just went to a place where they manufactured them. I showed one of the pictures and told to the person the size that I wanted for each belt. If you want just take old black belts that you have home and cut them.

The belts are in different parts of the body; this is what makes it look so great.

1-    Neck: 3

2-    Upper Body: 4

3-    Shoulders: 2

4-    Arms: 3 on each side.

5-    Wrists: Left 2, Right 1

6-    Right leg: 3

Total: 21 Belts

 I just paid like $20 dollars for them, maybe less I don’t really remember.


The boots

This is the easiest step. Just buy any boots that looks like the original ones, long and black, if possible leather. In my case I just borrowed military boots $0.


Jacket & Pants

For the pants, I borrowed leather pants from a friend; I would never use this kind of pants, so I just borrowed them. $0.

The jacket was a little bit harder, but for the previous years I wore a regular leather jacket. $0.

For 2010 my mom helped me sewing it. So first of all I had to look for the leather. Cheap,black,synthetic leather. Two kinds, shinny and mate. Velcro to close the costume from behind.

Each piece had a length of 2 meters and each one cost like $10 dollars.



Make up & Hair

I don´t really like having my hair long but for this occasion I just let it grow maybe for 4 or 5 months, I don’t like wearing a wig but many people just do it. If your hair is short a wig would be a good option. And yes, I really did it only for the costume. Just apply hair spray or super strong gel.

Make up

The first thing you should do is the scars. It’s not the best kind but just use regular white glue put it on your face, let it dry and apply make up on the glue. If you have liquid latex it will be better.

Take your mom’s cosmetic bag, you will find everything there. His face is not totally clown white; it’s more like a warm lightly white look. So it’s more like a white pale. For this you could use a sponge and the most neutral powder you have, tell your mom or girlfriend to help you. Stand out your cheek bones and contour them.  



Make up

The Scissorshands

This was probably what took me longer. I learned this when I was in 6th grade, in school, in arts class.

The hands are made of whitecardboard; you should buy 2 or 3 meters of it. I drew the shape of each scissor with a regular pencil and cut them. Each scissor has like 2 or 3 glued on top of each other. I wrap them with foil and that’s it. Use any kind of black leather gloves or whatever gloves you have and stick them to each scissor or you can also use black tape.


Thank You

All Scissors

Example of Cardboard


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