I made this Edward Scissorhands costume 100% from scratch!

This is How the Edwards Scissorhands Costume was Built:

  • I sculpted the gloves out of plexiglass, Apoxsee Clay, leather, and hardware.
  • For the costume I bought three leather jackets, cut them up and Hand-stitched every piece together with leather lace.
  • I brought about 15 belts and studded each one with the closest studs I could find. Every single stud had to be hand-painted, punched and stamped.
  • For the Moon belt I took long pieces of leather and stitched them together, used a wood burner to burn in the pattern, and pounded grommets the holes.
  • I sculpted the moon out of clay then molded and casted it in a hard plastic resin.

The whole costume took me about two months and $250 to make. As far as make up it’s not so easy to explain but I’ll try anyway.

Step 1: Shaved all the hair off my face.

Step 2: I used a glue stick to cover my eyebrows.

Step 3: I used the liquid latex and rigid collodion To make the scars. The base- Do NOT use white!

I can’t stress that enough! The only time you should use white make up is if you’re a clown. Use a fair light skin tone.

Step 4: Shadowing eyes, lips, cheekbones, and scars. A lot of people use straight purple but do not do that. Use a slightly darker skin tone and mix it with a little bit of purple then “blend, blend, blend. Blending is the secret!”

Step 5: Black contact lenses.

Step 6: The hair, I started growing my hair out months before. Straightening iron and lots of hairspray and black colored hairspray.

I spent about three hours on make up. This whole costume was extremely fun to make and I would do it again in a second. If you’re planning on making a costume like this my main suggestion is watch the movie a LOT and try to pick up every little detail! I wore this costume out four times and one six different costume contest! :) Still get compliments on it almost every day! Some people think I might’ve gone a little overboard with my costume but it’s my favorite movie. Go big or go home! Thanks for checking it out!