Easy No-Sew DIY Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

I’m not gonna lie…it took people a little while to figure out what we were.  And if you’ve never watched Big Bang theory then you probably wouldn’t get it even after we told you what we were. The rock was made using a trash bag stuffed with news paper.  The paper was made using a … Read more

Easy No-Sew DIY Tarzan Group Costume

This one was inspired by the fact that we already had a gorilla outfit.  And I might add that the girl wearing it actually played four points of the match with the face one and played an entire game with the body part on before the Louisiana heat got to be too much! Major props! … Read more

Easy No-Sew DIY Bees Group Costume

This one was especially fun to make because it was so easy.  For each one, just use a plain black shirt.  Because you’re using duct tape, you can actually use a shirt you already have in your closet.  Take plain regular yellow duct tape and run it around each shirt.  Remember, if the shirt is … Read more

Easy No-Sew DIY Bad Prom Group Costume

To make the guys bad prom outfits, we bought long sleeve button down shirts from the thrift shop.  We also bough frilly fabric from the craft store, which we glued to the front.  We accessorized with suspenders and fake flower boutonnieres.  F or the girls, we actually went to the Dillars outlet where we found … Read more

Easy No-Sew DIY Swimmers who Can’t Swim Group Costume

For this group costume, all you really need to do is raid the dollar tree during the summer.  All of the accessories were the blow up toys from there.  To make the old-school swimmers outfit, use a piece of fabric kind of in the shape of a twin sheet and then fold it in half … Read more

Easy No-Sew DIY Nerds Group Costume

This Nerds group costume was very easy to make and many of the clothes were already owned by the people wearing them.  to make the braces, use stud earring backs as the part that goes on your tooth, and opened up paperclips to hold them there, which are then attached to some kind of stretchy … Read more

Easy No-Sew DIY Construction Workers Group Costume

To make the construction workers group costume, you need 4 orange vests.  You can get these at Walmart for a couple of bucks each, especially during hunting season.  Accessorize the vests using reflective duct tape. The girls have on orange sports bras and the guys have plain white t-shirts.  Hard hats, safety glasses, and safety … Read more

Easy No-Sew DIY Gilligan’s Island Group Costume

This Gilligan’s Island costume was hands down our most popular group costume.  I don’t know if it’s because the older generation who plays volleyball really appreciated it or if we just fit the roles so well but either way, this was a huge success and it was super easy to put together. The captain was … Read more

Easy No-Sew DIY Wizard of Oz Group Costume

This Wizard of Oz group costume was one of the most fun to make!  Except for the scarecrow, it was extremely easy. The lion head we actually already had on hand from some previous Halloween costume.  We added red hair bows to it.  The shirt was made buy gluing a different shade yellow shirt on … Read more

Easy No-Sew DIY Christmas in July Group Costume

This was one of our biggest hits on the courts and it was super easy to make. The girls costume on the left was actually purchased but the one on the right was handmade and they both look great.  You start with a plain red dress from a thrift shop.  Cut the top and bottom … Read more

Easy No-Sew Playboy Bunnies Group Costume

This playboy Bunnies group costume was probably the easiest of all to make. For the girls, we just wore swim suit bottoms and a black tank top.  The ears were purchased from the dollar tree. For Hugh Hefner, we found the perfect robe at a thrift store for $1. The boys just wore black shorts. … Read more

Easy No-Sew DIY Superheroes and Villains Group Costume

The superhero costumes are semi-homemade.  The Superman shirt, Wonder Woman shirt, red wig, and Wonder Woman skirt were already owned by the people wearing them. Wonder Woman The Wonder Woman headband was made using gold fabric, a piece of carboard and a stretchy headband. Cut the cardboard into the shape of the Wonder Woman logo and then … Read more