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Easy No-Sew DIY Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

I’m not gonna lie…it took people a little while to figure out what we were.  And if you’ve never watched Big Bang theory then you probably wouldn’t get it even after we told you what we were.

The rock was made using a trash bag stuffed with news paper.  The paper was made using a white shirt and white shorts.  We opted to use paint pens for this one instead of duct tape to make the stripes.  The paint pens didn’t really work very well because the t-shirt was stretchy so the pen wasn’t really working.  I would recommend duct tape for the blue lines or some other kind of fabric paint.  We drew a pink line also in fabric paint pens down the side.  After the picture was taken, we made the modification of actually cutting the holes out of the shirt and shorts rather than just having filled in black spots.

The scissors were made using a long sleeve red shirt that was cut to the shape that you see in the picture.  Leave the shoulder part in tact so that it can rest on your shoulders but you can cut off the whole back section.  The blades were made using a silver sweater that was cut and hot glued onto some pieces of poster board to give them a bit of a shape.  They were velcroed at the bottom to her ankles to ensure they stayed put.

Lizard was made using a green t shirt with a circle cut from a yellow t-shirt.  For the eye balls we used a green head band to which we glue the eyes.  The eyes were just green fabric stuffed with quilt stuffing and then hot glued closed.  Yellow and black fabric made the eyes.  We also made a tail which is hard to see in this picture.  In order to make the tail but still be able to reuse the green pants for a future costume, hot glue the tail to a piece of fabric about 3″ wide and 6-8″ long.  Tuck the piece of fabric into the back of your pants.  If you need extra security, you can safety pin it into place.  The tail was made by stuffing regular t-shirt material with quilting fluff and then hot gluing it together.  Spikes on the tale were made from the same fabric and hot glued along the edge.

Spock was made using a plain blue t-shirt. Use the collar from a black t-shirt and glue it onto the blue one.  Be sure to leave a slight v-neck on the black shirt.  Also, be sure that when you are gluing the black t-shirt that you stretch the fabric as you glue so that you can still get the t-shirt on over your head.  The log on the shirt was traced onto gray fabric and hot glued on.  Eye brows were done using eye liner.

Although it’s not pictured, we actually had a diagram showing who beat who in the rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock competition.

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