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Easy No-Sew DIY Bad Prom Group Costume

To make the guys bad prom outfits, we bought long sleeve button down shirts from the thrift shop.  We also bough frilly fabric from the craft store, which we glued to the front.  We accessorized with suspenders and fake flower boutonnieres.  F

or the girls, we actually went to the Dillars outlet where we found these dresses for $5.  You could also find tacky dresses at thrift stores.  We accessorized with gaudy jewelery, fluffy flower headbands, huge corsages, and tights.  To top it off, we created a tacky backdrop.  We found this gem of a shower curtans in the $2 bin at a craft store.  The letters were cut out of cardboard and spray painted.  Although you can’t see in the picture, we even topped it off with some Christmas tree style lights around the edges.

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