After seeing the amazing costume done by Tiffany from VA on this site my friends and my daughter  decided they wanted to do the same thing.  The amazing detail and instructions of the other costume made these ones very easy to put together. The hardest part was getting the hair just right.

We actually did two different wigs, One is yarn over a shower cap and filled in with paper mache and the other is paper molded around my daughters head and then paper mached. Both worked out nicely.  We then painted them.

We sewed the dresses then pinched up spots and  hot glued them in place. We also made a casing at the bottom of the dresses to stuff with paper to create a base. Then we spray painted the dresses and added shadowing with a darker paint.

For the wings i used foam core board cut into wings and used puffy paint to add feathers to them for some dimension. We also used model magic clay to round the edges of the wings.  to attach the two sides we just used hot glue to attach fabric along the center. we also added a hanger piece here and just hung the wings from the back of the dress. We then painted them the same color as the dresses and added shading as well.

For some final detail we added pieces of moss. Their faces were painted to match.