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Coolest Homemade Lily Pad Costume

I made these homemade Lily Pad costume and Lily Flower costume for my daughters when they were 3 and 6 years old. They wanted to be the same thing, but not “exactly” the same.

Pink and Purple: I started with a piece of foam, which I cut into a flower shape. I cut out the purple fabric to cover the foam and appliquéd a pink accent flower. I then sewed up the purple fabric to cover the foam. I had to add the green “Lily Pad” parts separately, stitching them on by hand. I added some elastic to fit around her arms so that she could wear it like wings.

White and Yellow: I cut a piece of foam in the shape of a lily pad. I then cut some green colored fabric to cover the foam. I appliquéd some white flower petals onto the green fabric before sewing it together. Again, I added elastic so she could wear it like wings. For the front flower I cut foam petals, covered them with white fabric and joined the pieces together. I added yellow furry yarn in the middle to cover the sewing spots. There is a white string around her neck, so she wore this like a necklace.

I made flower skirts and matching shirts, purple/pink and white/yellow, for both girls. I cut and sewed flower petals and strung them on elastic to make a necklace, arm bands and leg bands. For the headbands I covered a regular headband with a fabric tube. I then cut petal shapes out of foam and covered them with fabric. I hand stitched the petals onto the headband.

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