Huge Bouquet of Flowers Costume

Huge Bouquet of Flowers Costume

I thought of this idea last Halloween after my daughters won for their 7th year in a row at a local costume contest. We like to brainstorm the night we win on the drive home. Usually I make costumes with a box, but this year we thought outside of the box to win again! The … Read more

Wheelchair Flower Garden Costume

Wheelchair Flower Garden Costume

This wheelchair flower garden costume was grown (created) with lots of love for my daughter. Steps to Make the Wheelchair Flower Garden Costume I purchased a lattice fence from Home Depot and had them cut it into 4 squares. I only needed to use 3 to cover the 2 sides and front and connected them together … Read more

FTD Florist and His Bouquet of Flowers Couples Costume

FTD Florist and His Bouquet of Flowers Couples Costume

I knew I wanted to be a bouquet of flowers and was trying to come up with a costume for my husband.  My first idea for him was a floral delivery man. So did a web search for FTD Florist and once I saw that logo, I knew we we were on to something really … Read more

Lovely Self-Watering Flower Pot Costume

Lovely Self-Watering Flower Pot Costume

I was looking for something unique for my daughter for Halloween. I make the costumes for myself and my children (and sometimes my hubby) every year, we don’t wear them twice. I enjoy putting things together that one may not normally think of and coming up with something that makes people look twice and say, … Read more

Easy DIY Costume Idea: Flower Pot

Easy DIY Costume Idea: Flower Pot

My daughter is a flower pot this Halloween.  It was a very easy costume to make and cost under $15. I bought the flower pot from Lowes on clearance for $4. Cut out the bottom of the pot with an electric cut off wheel. Attached the suspenders to the flower pot so she did not … Read more

One ANGRY Flower Costume

One ANGRY Flower Costume

Having collected these smiling stuffed toy flowers for years, my initial costume plan was to be a giant “Happy Flower”.  But I have a tendancy to put a twist into all my costume ideas – resulting in original, never seen before characters.  I thought, “What if not all the flowers were happy?”  Thus sparked the … Read more

Cool Sunflower Surprise Costume for a Woman

Cool Sunflower Surprise Costume for a Woman

My costume was inspired by my love for sunflowers. Being in college, I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on a pre-packaged costume (some of them run about $40-70) so I had almost given up on dressing up at all for halloween. I remember my friend told me that I remind her of … Read more

Super Cute Flower Pot Costume

Super Cute Flower Pot Costume

I am a preschool teacher at a hospital child care center. Every year my class and I dress up in our costumes and go Trick-or-Treating throughout the hospital. I love Halloween and I love dressing up for it even more! I get so excited about dressing up that I start looking for costume ideas in … Read more

Easiest-Ever and Most-Adorable Homemade Baby Sunflower Costume

Easiest-Ever and Most-Adorable Homemade Baby Sunflower Costume

I always made my kids halloween costumes! Halloween is my FAVORITE Holiday!!!! So my first granddaughter is born and my son says: Mom… What are you going to make for my baby??? Skylar was six months old in 2012. I wanted an easy costume that was comfortable to wear AND it would be wonderful if … Read more

Cute Girl’s Homemade Flower Costume

In keeping with the nature theme, our daughter dressed as a flower the year our son dressed as an apple tree!  To put together the flower costum

In keeping with the nature theme, our daughter dressed as a flower the year, our son dressed as an apple tree! To put together the flower costume, my mom made a tutu out of green tulle.  She basically gathered the tulle and sewed it to some elastic (there are lots of tutorials online with various … Read more

Adult Halloween Flower Pot Costume

My friends and I decided to be "lawn ornaments" for Halloween, and they gave me the task of turning myself into a flower pot. I called around to a

My friends and I decided to be “lawn ornaments” for Halloween, and they gave me the task of turning myself into a flower pot costume. I called around to a few floral stores asking how big their biggest planter was. I found some larger ones at Bachman’s Floral, and decided to go “try them on.” … Read more

Coolest Homemade Flower Bud Costume

Homemade Flower Bud Costume

I made this homemade flower bud costume for my second daughter when she was 3 months old. It is an accompaniment to the hydrangea costume that I made for my other daughter. It was pretty simple. I started with a crocheted green hat. I cut flower shapes out of felt and layered them for contrast. … Read more

Coolest Dancing Flowers Couple Costume

Homemade Dancing Flowers Couple Costume

We were inspired by a cell phone commercial for this year’s costumes. A guy takes his old cell phone into a pawn shop and asks the clerk what he can get for it… “I give you Dancing Flower”. This was a toy that came out in the 80’s and I actually owned one. As soon … Read more

Coolest Pink Daisy Costume

Little Pink Daisy Costume

I got this idea for a pink daisy costume from a Tom Arma costume, but didn’t want to pay the price, so decided to make my own cuter version. I used felt, foam sheets, and hot glue to construct the flower head, and “necklace” to continue the petal circle. I wanted her to have a … Read more

Coolest Plant Stand Costume

Table Top Plant Stand Costume

I started this plant stand costumewith a presentation board, and cut a hole in it big enough to pull up over my hips, leaving tabs on the inside of the hole through which to thread yarn. The yarn was used as suspenders. I cut a hole in an old table cloth and slipped it over … Read more

Coolest Blooming Rose Halloween Costume

Homemade Blooming Rose Halloween Costume

This costume is perfect for the girl who wants to have a unique, pretty, and eye-catching costume. It’s easy to construct when you have a few pieces of fabric and some poster board. To create the rose, just slip on a green sweater (long sleeved is best) and brown leggings. Use a sharp craft knife … Read more

Coolest Flower Pot Halloween Costume

Flower Pot Halloween Costume

This Halloween I had a one month old and a 3 years old at home. Of course my 3 year old wanted to go trick or treating and I couldn’t say no. I had to come up with something fast. I thought of several ideas, but because we would be walking so much I wanted … Read more

Coolest Homemade Sunflower Baby Costume

Homemade Sunflower Baby Costume

My little 6 month old daughter, Evelyn Rose, was the coolest Sunflower Baby for Halloween. This Homemade Sunflower Baby Costume idea originated from a green sleep sack that my baby girl was outgrowing and which I saw as a possible flower stem bearer. I had seen some flower costumes and I didn’t like the commercialized … Read more

Coolest Homemade Daisy Chain Group Halloween Costume

Homemade Daisy Chain Group Halloween Costume

My friends and I wanted to dress up as something that involved body paint. So we decided to dress up as a Homemade Daisy Chain Group Halloween Costume! We made the green dresses out of material, wore brown tights and covered our shoes in furry green material for the grass. We then covered our upper … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dandelion Costume

Homemade Dandelion Costume

I had great fun making and wearing this Dandelion costume. Here are the crafts I used: – 80 balloon sticks (you can use more) – 2 thin, white feather boas – 1 brown wool beanie cap – flower foam (1 large circle, 1 small circle, 1 ball cut in half) – craft glue made for … Read more

Coolest Homemade Baby Sunflower Costume

Adorable Sunflower

My daughter’s name is Soleil, which is French for sun, so I decided to make her a Baby Sunflower costume for Halloween. I started by making a brown stretchy tank top and sewing sequins onto it to resemble sunflower seeds. Next, I made satin petals and leaves and sewed them onto the tank top to … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lily Pad Costume

Homemade Lily Pad Costume

I made these homemade Lily Pad costume and Lily Flower costume for my daughters when they were 3 and 6 years old. They wanted to be the same thing, but not “exactly” the same. Pink and Purple: I started with a piece of foam, which I cut into a flower shape. I cut out the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Growing Daisy Child Halloween Costume

Homemade Growing Daisy Child Halloween Costume

I asked my daughter what she wanted to be this year for Halloween and she told me she wanted to be a daisy. Last year my husband and I bought her a costume – she was super-woman – well that was a complete waste of twenty dollars. This year I wanted to try out my … Read more

Coolest Flower Baby Costume

Flower Baby Costume

My 5 month old baby Madison is so cute I just had to make her a flower costume. I started by taking pink flannel fabric and made a hood. Then I took foam sheets and cut out petals so the petals would be stiff. Then I sewed the flower petals out of fabric to cover … Read more