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Easiest-Ever and Most-Adorable Homemade Baby Sunflower Costume

I always made my kids halloween costumes! Halloween is my FAVORITE Holiday!!!! So my first granddaughter is born and my son says: Mom… What are you going to make for my baby???

Skylar was six months old in 2012. I wanted an easy costume that was comfortable to wear AND it would be wonderful if she could wear it while in a baby carrier. And it also had to be a little “girlie”.

Well, I never like to do what everyone else is doing…. So I gave it a little time and this idea just came to me. I did a google image search and I didn’t see any costumes like it.

I have to admit that this was the easiest costume I ever made: artificial sunflowers, a glue gun, ribbon and a beautiful little girl. It only took me 20 minutes to make.

She was too young to trick or treat but our village has a halloween parade. She was a hit :) ooohs and aahs from everyone we met!

But what will I make this year? Still working on that!


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