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Coolest Homemade Sunflower Baby Costume

My little 6 month old daughter, Evelyn Rose, was the coolest Sunflower Baby for Halloween.

This Homemade Sunflower Baby Costume idea originated from a green sleep sack that my baby girl was outgrowing and which I saw as a possible flower stem bearer. I had seen some flower costumes and I didn’t like the commercialized look, so I decided to make my own.

I bought some yellow and green felt, yellow pipe cleaners, yellow ribbon and a hot glue gun. I didn’t really use a pattern; I just drew freehand the flower petals, stem, and leaves, cut them out and pieced them together. The head band wouldn’t stand straight, so I hot-glued it to a plain white cotton beanie hat to keep it on her head. Underneath the sleep sack, she’s wearing green pajamas. Her smile and charisma make the costume!

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