I knew I wanted to be a bouquet of flowers and was trying to come up with a costume for my husband.  My first idea for him was a floral delivery man. So did a web search for FTD Florist and once I saw that logo, I knew we we were on to something really FUN.

Bouquet of Flowers Costume:

  • Wide headband
  • Extra Large Flower (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • Various other large flowers
  • Green unitard (I LOVE the unitards from Welovecolors.com because they come in every color and shade you can imagine.  Also, they keep their shape and don’t stretch out.
  • Wide Red ribbon
  • 1 roll of thick Cellophane wrap from the craft department.  (The kind used to wrap gift baskets)
  • Extra leaves
  • Narrow green ribbon
  • Old purse
  • 2 Laminated print outs of a flower food packet

1.) Hot glue the extra large flower onto a wide headband.

2.) Hot glue the other flowers in place, balancing the weight so the headband will stay on your head.

3.) Glue some leaves to  green ribbon, then glue the ribbon to the inside of the headband.  (To create a string of ribbon and leaves that falls within your hair. )

4.) Hot glue some leaves around the sleeve of the unitard.

5.) I used the green ribbon to tie leaves onto my shoes.

6.) I found a photo of the flower food packets that come with a bouquet of flowers, printed two copies of it and had it laminated at the office supply store ($3),  I then used packing tape to attach to both sides of a purse I found at Good Will.

7.)  Cut the cellophane so that you’ve got enough to wrap around your body very loosely. I used the clear packing tape to tape the two ends together. So you have to step into the cellophane.

8.)  Make a red bow to tie around your waist and hold the cellophane on.



  • Shiny gold unitard  (I found mine on Ebay: “Fancy Headless Lycra Spandex Shiny Metallic Zentai Bodysuit”)
  • 2 sets of Gold angel wings
  • Hat (The one I found at a Halloween shop was made of felt and was a tan color.  I spray painted it Gold)
  • High top tennis shoes
  • FTD logo, printed and laminated

1.)  I used Kilz primer on the shoes and hat, then painted them metallic gold.  Several coats of paint.

2.)  I found some small gold angel wings at the Halloween store and bought two of them. Cut the wings in 1/2 so you end up with four individual wings.

3.)  After the hat and shoes had dried for 48 hours I hot glued the wings to them.

4.)  I took the laminated FTD logo and taped it to a piece of thin cardboard, then glued it to the front of the hat.

TaDa! Done!

Notes:  If I had it to do over I might have tried to use red roses as my headpiece so it matched the FTD logo better. The reason I didn’t is because the extra large rose I found at Hobby Lobby seemed like it would be very difficult to attach to the headband. If I think of a way to make that work I might try it.

Also, I think we should have painted my husbands face gold.  And maybe I could have done some vines or some kind of face paint too.

We went to a party that has become an annual event, people really go all out on their costumes and we won second place!