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Coolest Fall Leaves Halloween Costume

One of the best parts of fall is the colored leaves. So don’t just look at them- wear them.
My son, Dusty, was turning 11 the week before Halloween, so we decided to have a birthday/Halloween party. Since this is his last year in elementary school we decided to have everyone dress up.

Dusty is a unique child with a great imagination so he didn’t want a store bought costume that probably others would be wearing. So one night while we were driving home he saw all the leaves on the ground and decided on fall leaves Halloween costume.

Later that night the fun began. He wrote down all the things he wanted the tree to have so I could begin shopping. The tree should be colorful with lots of fall leaves. We needed to have a chipmunk gathering acorns and a birds nest with a bird in it. He also wanted his face to be some kind of animal hiding in the tree.

So the next day my fun began. What woman doesn’t like to shop. I was able to get just about everything I needed at the following places:
1. Joanns Fabric store-
A. Burlap-for trunk of tree
B. Plastic branches with fall leaves on them
C. A bat, pumpkin, cat and even an owl mask.
D. Cord, Velcro, birds nest, bird on a stick, hot glue gun and lots of glue sticks. (I have never sewed anything in my life so glue was going to be are best friend.)

2. Target
A. Fall leaves- packs of 100 for $1.00. ( I used 1400 leaves and my son is a size 10.)

3. The great outdoors
A. Acorns

4. My house
A. A greenish brown sweatshirt jacket.
B. A cap with a mesh screen covering the front
C. A chipmunk beanie baby. (To think some people said I was wasting my money buying all those beanie babies a few years back.)

So for the next 7 days, Dusty and I had lots to do. We had three pieces to create. 1- the truck, 2- the leaves and 3-the hat. It actually was easy to do. Here is how we did it:

1. The hat:
Glued the leaves from target all over it to cover it completely. Then over those leaves we glued on some of the branches of leaves so they would stick up. We glued a bat on the side in some of the leaves and then glued the owl mask inside the mesh.

2. The leaves:
Again we glued the leaves from Target all over the sweatshirt jacket covering it completely. We glued the leaf branches coming out each arm. We also glued the branches of leaves all over the other leaves so they would stick up. I cut the sleeves on the sweatshirt jacket up from his hands to the armpit. I then glued in some velcro on each sleeve to close. This way you can close the sleeves or open when you need to use your hands. Inside the hood of the jacket, we glued the birds nest and stuck the bird into it.

3. The trunk:
I glued the cord in the top so he could use as a drawstring to tighten the burlap around him. Then I just put Velcro on both ends so we could close around him. We then glued some leaves to the bottom along with the pumpkin and cat. Then he had the honor of gluing the acorns and chipmunk on. He put the chipmunk on as if running up the tree

Well, the tree was a hit. He wore it to school for the Halloween parade which I went to watch. As I was leaving the school with the costume a parent came up to me and said that his costume was the best in the school.

The fall leaves Halloween costume was easy to make. The hardest part was keeping our cat (PeeWee) away from it. He wanted to lay in the leaves and tried taking the bird out of the nest.

Next year Dusty has to watch out. If he wears the tree costume again his friend is going to be a lumberjack and chop him down. (Ouch)

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