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Easy DIY Costume Idea: Flower Pot

My daughter is a flower pot this Halloween.  It was a very easy costume to make and cost under $15.

I bought the flower pot from Lowes on clearance for $4. Cut out the bottom of the pot with an electric cut off wheel. Attached the suspenders to the flower pot so she did not have to hold the flower pot while she was trick or treating. . I bought 3 different kinds of flowers, my daughters choice. We bought 3 bundles of each of the flowers which gave us 12 flowers each. I bought  green duct tape that matched the flower pot. I separated all of the flowers and duct taped them to the inner side of the flower pot alternating the flowers and spreading them out evenly around the entire flower pot. I added some flower hair clips to her hair which was bought at the dollar tree. I might go back and get some butterfly hair clips to put in her hair instead of the flowers. This is part of our family group costume. My husband and son are dressing up as beekeepers and I will be dressed as a bumble bee that is buzzing around my daughters flowers.

Every year we get creative for Halloween. My daughter hates going trick or treating or to fall festivals to see someone with the same costume as her. We never have that problem when we make them ourselves.  in the past 4 years we have always come up with something pretty creative. She has been a birthday present, bubble gumball machine, it’s raining cats and dogs, a parrot with full wings and lots of feathers. She loves winning halloween costume contests and showing off her costume every year.

My mother always spent time with me making my costumes when I was a little girl and it is a wonderful feeling to carry on the tradition with my daughter every year.

Easy DIY Costume Idea: Flower Pot

Easy DIY Costume Idea: Flower Pot

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