This wheelchair flower garden costume was grown (created) with lots of love for my daughter.

Steps to Make the Wheelchair Flower Garden Costume

  • I purchased a lattice fence from Home Depot and had them cut it into 4 squares. I only needed to use 3 to cover the 2 sides and front and connected them together with zip ties.
  • The flower box on the lattice fence was made with a card board box covered in yellow poster board or you could use construction paper.
  • I poked holes on top of the box and zip tied it to the lattice fence.
  • Flowers were placed in the holes and hot glued to keep it secure.
  • A sign, “Grown from 100% Love ” made with cardboard foam squares and a marker was added. I also added the scarecrow.

Installing the Watering Can

  • I happened to have a black thin rod from a wind sock for the lawn and I zip tied it to a pole on her wheelchair.
  • The watering can handle was taped to the tip where it hung over my daughter and I added the heart string (you can find at craft stores) with yellow ribbon strings to show she was grown from love as indicated on the sign.

My daughter was a BIG hit at our local Boo at the Zoo and other places with Halloween activities.  She was a great flower and played the part really well.