Easy No-Sew DIY Bad Prom Group Costume

To make the guys bad prom outfits, we bought long sleeve button down shirts from the thrift shop.  We also bough frilly fabric from the craft store, which we glued to the front.  We accessorized with suspenders and fake flower boutonnieres.  F or the girls, we actually went to the Dillars outlet where we found … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bad Yearbook Photo Costume

Homemade Bad Yearbook Photo Costume

This is not original but I wanted to submit it so people could see another version of a costume you already have on here. I could not figure out how to make the box work (like the original) so I simply cut out a “frame” from a cardboard box, taped it very securely (with heavy … Read more

Awesome Halloween Costumes

My daughter and I came up with some awesome Halloween costumes, one of them being the costume of “A Bad School Picture” after looking at her school picture on the wall. I got a rectangle box at the box store, cut out the front like a frame and painted it. I added blue fabric to … Read more