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Easy No-Sew Playboy Bunnies Group Costume

This playboy Bunnies group costume was probably the easiest of all to make.

For the girls, we just wore swim suit bottoms and a black tank top.  The ears were purchased from the dollar tree.

For Hugh Hefner, we found the perfect robe at a thrift store for $1.

The boys just wore black shorts.  To make the collars, we just the collars from regular white buttons downs and cut below the seam of the neck piece but leave the top button.  The bow ties were just two-layer black fabric cut into the shape of a bow tie and hot glued onto the neck piece.  For the cuvs, we actually just used plain white fabric.  We cut a hole in one side and hot glued a button onto the other side in order to fit them together.  Remember to put the button on the right side of the fabric so that the edge of the cuff extends out (open part away from the wrist) rather than folding in on itself like a normal long sleeve cuff.

I will say that this was one of our more appreciated costumes! We got plenty of cat calls and hoots and hollers and it was super easy to make!

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